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Property Manager - Floating

Company: Mutual Housing
Location: Sacramento
Posted on: June 25, 2022

Job Description:

Job Title: Property Manager - FloatingLocation: Sacramento County/Yolo CountyDepartment: Property ManagementReports To: Regional ManagerFull time - Non-Exempt positionSummaryMutual Housing Management provides professional property management services to Mutual Housing California's 19 affordable multifamily properties. The mission of Mutual Housing Management is to be an exceptional steward of Mutual Housing's portfolio of multifamily housing properties to support long-term sustainability. Under the direction of the Regional Manager, Property Manager- Floater is responsible for providing coverage for vacant or absent Property Manager positions while fulfilling compliance monitoring and day-to-day operations at assigned properties. The coverage includes day-to-day implementation of the policies, adherence to accounting and reporting procedures and other programs that will assure a well-managed, well-maintained building within established management operating and fiscal policies and assuring compliance with all regulatory agencies and investors. This also includes developing within the project a supportive environment for all residents, assuring the project's sound fiscal management, maintaining an acceptable occupancy level, maintaining a clean, well-maintained building and grounds, managing the onsite staff and their duties, interacting with and supervising vendors, and if applicable, working with a Resident Council.Under the direction of Regional Manager, Property Manager- Floater is responsible for oversight of new development and major rehabbed properties and assisting with the lease-up process from start to finish, inclusive of marketing efforts and ongoing reporting requirements during lease-up.Under the direction of Compliance Manager, Property Manager- Floater completes all resident files at move-in and at each recertification, processes and maintains all resident documents and forms including leases, income certifications and re-certifications, etc., and ensures overall compliance with regulatory and/or financial partner requirements.The Property Manager- Floater must relate well to people, must exercise good judgment and discretion in dealing with residents, visitors, vendors, and staff. The Property Manager- Floater is required to provide leadership in developing a community and in directing the staff. The Property Manager- Floater is expected to facilitate a staff that functions as a team and is cooperative with each other, the residents, and visitors to the property.General Coverage Duties -Under the direction of the Regional Manager, the Roving Property Management Specialist is responsible for providing coverage for vacant or absent community manager positions as well as fulfilling compliance file and audit support for assigned properties. While providing coverage for vacant or absent community manager positions, the Roving Property Management Specialist will be responsible for and oversee the overall operation of the property and the day-to-day implementation of those policies, procedures and programs that will assure a well-managed, well-maintained building within established management operating and fiscal policies and assuring compliance with all regulatory agencies and investors. This includes maintaining within the project a supportive environment for all residents, assuring the project's sound fiscal management, maintaining a clean, well-maintained building and grounds, managing the onsite staff and their duties, interacting with and supervising vendors.Supervises Assistant Manager, Maintenance Technician(s) and Porter staff, including any contracted service providers or temp agents working at the property.Supervises all paid and/or volunteered vendors, contractors, and providers of service to the property, to ensure completion and high standard quality of work.Establishes a schedule for personnel to be available for emergency maintenance.Provides direct assistance and direction during after-hours emergencies, as needed.Schedules or oversees all routine maintenance and janitorial work and conducts regular follow up inspections for maintenance and porter work.Prepares preventative maintenance checklists by day, week, month or year for maintenance staff to perform, ensures the completion of tasks on the checklists, and ensures that all work is completed in a timely manner.Ensures that the property is being properly maintained by conducting continual informal inspections of the property.Ensures that all mechanical devices are in working order.Uses a checklist to monthly inspect exterior and interior common areas of the property. Performs annual or more frequent inspections of units and follows up with housekeeping letters, preparation of work orders and maintenance chargebacks to residents.Ensures that the environment is safe and attractive.Ensures all vacant apartment turnover procedures are followed, and that turnovers are accomplished in a timeframe and manner consistent with Mutual Housing standards, and the property's budgetary goals and limitations. Reviews completed and outstanding work orders on a daily basis. Ensures the work orders are completed in a timely manner, consistent with Mutual Housing policies and procedures.Prepares inventory of building contents, tools and equipment annually or as requested, and forwards to Regional Manager for review.Bids out and selects contract services, negotiates vendor service agreements and monitors day-to-day vendor performance to assure full compliance with standards established within the service agreement under the supervision of the Regional Manager.Prepares list of capital replacements required or anticipated, when applicable, and submits to Regional Manager in advance of budget preparation.Ensures adherence of the building and its contents to all applicable municipal and fire codes.Prepares written recommendations for physical repairs and/or replacements, improvements, supplies, material and equipment to Regional Manager. Updates and completes all safety related inspections and reports. Ensures adherence to all maintenance requirements of Mutual Housing. Compliance -Monitors compliance with governing documents and work with staff to make sure that compliance is maintained. Establishes and maintains a tickler system for reporting.Ensures compliance with regulatory and/or financial partner requirements.Possesses a strong knowledge of regulatory guidelines.Provides reports to Regional Manager upon request.Gathers requested information including but not limited to the preparation and submission of reports in an accurate and timely manner.Conducts applicant interviews, verifies potential resident income, and takes deposits and rents in accordance with Mutual Housing's Policy.Provides all other compliance related reports to Compliance Manager or Regional Manager upon request.Regularly audits 5% of files for sites for the upcoming regulatory agency inspections and audits or as requested by the Compliance Manager.Accurately completes all resident files at move-in and at each recertification.Reviews and approves files for move-in for all Mutual Housing properties.Obtains appropriate documentation and completes certifications. Timely and accurately completes income recertifications of all residents.Manages all resident documents and forms including leases, income certifications and recertifications, etc. Reviews all completed rental applications and leases for accuracy and completeness.Provides guidance and support at assigned sites during annual certifications. This will include working on-site at specified mass recertification properties for a period of one month leading up to the effective date of the certification. The Property Manager- Floater will be assigned to no less than four (4) properties per year to prepare for mass recertifications.Trains on-site staff on all occupancy issues, including resident files, certifications, and reporting requirements. Ensures that systems are in place to monitors site compliance with all regulatory agreements and requirements. Suggests and submits articles for Compliance Newsletter on a monthly basis. Assists with preparation of the Compliance Newsletter.Conducts full site audits.Work with Regional Manager, Compliance Manager and property staff to problem-solve operational and/or compliance issues at assigned properties. Manage property lease-ups, assuring that all regulatory requirements are met and that the lease-up happens in accordance with established marketing schedule, plans and partnership agreements. This may include participation in and reporting for transition meetings as needed.Financial -Ensures the effective day-to-day financial management of the property and maintains all necessary financial records and files in an organized structured order.Implements rental rate increases provided by the Regional Manager and/or Compliance Manager (as approved by the Corporate Broker) and enforces collection proceduresMust utilize the rent schedule provided by the Regional Manager, Compliance Manager as representatives of the corporate broker. Property Manager- Floaters are not allowed to offer rents or negotiate rents that do not conform to the published rental schedule. Monitor bad debt write offs. Review with Regional Manager plans to implement rent increases.Use purchase orders when making purchases for the property.Immediately reports all major incidents that could become an insurance claim or lawsuit to the Regional Manager.Reviews monthly accounting reports with Regional Manager, discuss and document discrepancies. Compares lease and monthly rent roll to ensure that all security deposits, rents, move in dates, etc. are correct.Collects all rents and other receivables due the property in conformance with Mutual Housing Management Policy. Supervises and completes daily deposits of all monies collected. Inputs accurately in Yardi Voyager system.Reviews property's monthly income and expense statement, all delinquent accounts, resident receivables and determines necessary course of action to collect outstanding balances in consultation with the Regional Manager.Prepares weekly vacancy and delinquency reports. Submits in a timely manner to Regional Manager.Completes a monthly budget variance report and submits timely.Maintains compliance within the budget during the fiscal year in order to ensure the fiscal integrity of the project under the direction of the Regional Manager. Processes applicants for vacant units under the direction of Regional Manager and the corporate broker. Non-Resident Managers are not allowed to sign leases or lease addendums unless they have a valid CA real estate sales license that is placed under the corporate broker's license. Leases at these properties must be forwarded to the corporate broker unless the non-resident Manager has their valid sales license.Physical - Walks entire property daily to be sure the common areas, landscaping, laundry, etc. are in goodcondition.Schedules and supervises fire alarm inspections where appropriate and ensures accompanyingpaperwork is completed.Supervises maintenance and porter staff, including any contract or temporary personnel workingat the property. Supervises the daily activities of the maintenance team to ensure proper responseto maintenance requests, preparation of market ready vacancies and the overall quality of thecommunity appearance. Property Manager and Maintenance staff should walk the property atleast 3x per week to provide proper oversight of the grounds, building exteriors, walkways,community building, laundry rooms, etc.Supervises all vendors, contractors, and providers of service to the property, whether paid orvolunteer, to ensure completion and quality of product provided.Supervises or performs the scheduling of routine maintenance and janitorial work and completesregular follow up inspections on maintenance and janitorial work.Performs and documents interior and exterior physical inspections as required by your RegionalManager, Regulatory Agencies, insurance company, or financial institution (i.e., quarterly interioror semi-annual inspections required on affordable properties.)Coordinates and monitors preventative maintenance schedules and record preventative actionstaken in accordance with the schedule.Bids out and selects contract services, negotiates vendor service agreements and monitors day-today vendor performance to assure full compliance with standards established within the serviceagreement under the supervision of the Property Supervisor.Keeps the Regional Manager informed of all deferred maintenance. Items concerning health andsafety issues are to be reported immediately to Regional Manager with a plan of action forcorrection.Ensures property compliance with all applicable ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and Section504 (FHAA) regulations.Prepares competitive bid packages as required by approved budget and in accordance withcompany procedures.Prepares inventory of building contents, tools and equipment annually or as requested, andforwards to Property Supervisor for review.Performs written semi-annual unit inspections as required for the property and follows up on anydeficiencies with Maintenance staff or resident regarding housekeeping or other observed leaseviolations. Provides direct assistance and direction during after-hours emergencies, as needed.Completes and submits to the Regional Manager within 24 hours, any incident that occurs on theproperty out of the ordinary or which could become an insurance claim or lawsuit.Ensures adherence to all maintenance requirements of Mutual Housing.Administrative -Manages and/or supervises the day-to-day administration of the property office, including answering telephones during normal business hours; interacting with residents in a courteous and professional manner; sorting, distributing, opening and answering mail daily; coding invoices daily; and handling resident inquiries and concerns. Ensures the office is clean and well organized and that the office and staff are presentable to the public.Ensures that all property staff adhere to all systems, procedures, timelines, and formats including the filing systems, business correspondence, purchasing procedures, rental collections, re-certifications with proper documentation, property maintenance records, personnel procedures required, etc.Ensures and follows a consistent protocol for all property rules and regulations, lease and lease addenda. Documents and reports all violations in the property log. Maintains a secure and accurate procedure for key control as set forth in the company policy.Processes all required forms and ensures the timely submission of required reports.Keeps the Regional Manager informed regarding resident relations, correspondence and calls concerning resident issues. Prepares property incident reports regarding all significant issues involving accidents, injuries, physical emergencies, criminal activity and similar important issues.Schedules site personnel to appropriately prepare for off-hours emergencies. Ensures all employees strictly adhere to Fair Housing Laws and Occupancy Guidelines.Maintains, renews, and posts all licenses, permits, notices and occupancy permits required by federal, state and local jurisdictions.Maintains Yardi data entry of resident receipts, accounts payables, and other requirements established for the software.Gathers and reports data as requested to provide an evaluation of the property and its needs. Attends appropriate trade association meetings and seminars to keep up to date on trends and changing conditions, as requested and/or required by the Regional Manager. Personnel -Interviews, hires, trains, evaluates, motivates, disciplines, and terminates all staff under the direction of the Regional Manager and in accordance with Mutual Housing Personnel Policies.Where applicable, position can conduct introductory and annual evaluations of all staff in accordance with departmental goals and objectives. Recommends promotions, salary adjustments and disciplinary actions.Interacts effectively with Community Builder staff in resolving resident issues and concerns.Reviews, approves and submits employee timesheets to corporate office based on the posted payroll schedule.Develops and maintains good staff working relationships, provides leadership to inspire the spirit of teamwork, and encourages cooperation among the staff.Ensures staff interacts professionally and respectfully with all residents and with each other.Marketing -Submits accurate Weekly Rental Report information to the Regional Manager and Administrative Assistant on Monday mornings.Utilizes company provided rent schedule for all new vacancies rental rates for prospective and current residents. All rents offered must conform to the published rental rates provided by the corporate broker.Assigns units in the order provided by the Waiting List and according to Mutual Housing policy and procedures. Maintains the waiting list in compliance with federal, state, local, regulatory and Mutual Housing requirements.Adheres to the resident selection criteria in accordance with federal and state regulations and company policies and procedures.Maintains full occupancy. Leases vacant apartments on notice, professionallyand in accordance with company policy of maintaining less than 30 day of vacancy loss from the date of move out.Processes applications for vacant units and prepare leases and addendums for execution by the company's licensed corporate broker (unless Manager resides on the site or has a real estate license under the corporate broker's license).Develops advertisements for use in newspapers, Apartment Guides, etc., for review by Regional Manager and corporate broker.Resident Relations -Develops a sense of community among property residents by maintaining good resident-to-resident relationships, staff-to resident relationships, staff-to-staff relationships, and nurturing positive interactions and activities at the property.Maintains congenial relationships with all residents, is understanding of and sensitive to cultural background, economic status, those with special needs, and adheres to Fair Housing, Equal Employment and Equal Housing Opportunity requirements.Attends and participates in outside or in-house activities, meetings, organizations, regulatory agency meetings or inspections, etc. as required by the needs of the property.Manages resident evictions in compliance with court order and directions from Regional Manager.Coordinates with Resident Services in order to assist residents with social services needs or problems.Professional Development -Communicate the training needs of your on-site personnel to your Regional Manager.Continually train and develop the on-site personnel in all facets of property management thereby providing an opportunity for growth.Conducts monthly staff meetings wherein safety is a standing item of information and discussion.Supervisor Responsibility -Provides supervisory oversight for one or more on-site employees, in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws. May oversee contractors providing certification processing services on lease-up projects. Responsibilities include interviewing and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; and addressing complaints and resolving problems, under the supervision of the Regional Manager.

Qualifications - Minimum of two years' experience in property management. Working knowledge of applicable local and federal housing laws, including Fair Housing and Landlord and Tenant laws. Experience generating property budgets and managing affordable housing developments, including HUD, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Rural Housing, and Tax-Exempt Bond properties. Exposure to/familiarity with community organizing, services, and programs.Knowledge and experience with TCAC, HUD, HCD, RHCP, MHP, CalHFA and HOME Occupancy and Compliance regulations required.Preferred Qualifications Proficiency in Yardi is preferred.Knowledge of HUD, CHFA and Tax Credit regulations.Knowledge of regulatory agreements and ability to interpret same.Relate well to people from diverse backgrounds.Comprehend and communicate in the English language both orally and in writing.Interpret and understand financial information generated from property management software reports.Must have own transportation, valid driver's license and vehicle insurance that is commensurate with company policy. Travel occasionallyWork in a collaborative manner and in a team environment.Positive attitude, good sense of humor, energetic, assertive and capable role model for team.Must be highly skilled in MS Office (Particularly Excel, Word and Outlook).Define and solve problems.Understand and commit to the Mission and Philosophy of Mutual Housing.Communication: Balanced listening and talking, articulating clearly and accurately, keeping others informed. Ability to work in challenging or confrontational work environments and to deescalate situations involving staff or residents, where needed.Collegiality: Being helpful, respectful, approachable and team oriented, building strong working relationships and a positive work environment.Initiative: Taking ownership of our work, doing what is needed without being asked, following through.Efficiency: Planning ahead, managing time well, being on time, thinking of better ways to do things.Coachability: Being receptive to feedback, willing to learn, embracing continuous improvement, accepting accountability when appropriate.Resident focus: Striving for high resident satisfaction, going out of our way to be helpful, responsive, attentive and pleasant.Leadership: Setting clear expectations, reviewing progress, providing feedback and guidance, holding people accountable. Demonstrated integrity on a professional level.Accountability -Under minimal supervision, exercises independent discretion in performance of most job responsibilities. Exercises considerable latitude; work is reviewed to determine if objectives were accomplished. Establishes project objectives and delegates assignments. Decisions impact success of large projects, achievement of organizational objectives, and influence financial performance.Preferred Education Level - High school graduate or GED; Bachelor's Degree (BA) from a four-year college or university a plus;or a minimum two years of experience in affordable housing development and management company or one year managing people, projects, materials and information; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Certificates / Licenses / RegistrationsFair Housing Certification or attainment within three months of hire.Current HUD certification or attainment within six months of hire.Current tax credit certification or attainment within six months of hire.Must have reliable automobile transportation and a valid California Driver's License and insurance.Language Ability -Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence. Ability to speak effectively before groups of customers or employees of organization.Math Ability -Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals.Ability to compute rate, ratio, and percent and to draw and interpret bar graphs.Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form.Work Environment / Physical Demands -The work environment characteristics and physical demands described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.Typical equipment and tools include: typewriter, computer, printer, 10-key adding machine, telephone, cell phone, other phone-related equipment, copy machine, fax machine, brooms, mops, vacuum, janitorial supplies/cleaners, maintenance tools/equipment.Must be able to push/pull object less than 30 pounds, walk, climb stairs and enter/exit buildings that are under construction, occasionally, without normal ingress/egress available.The employee is required to stand and walk, sometimes for extended periods. Must be able to independently get to all areas of the property.Frequently walks, stoops, bends, squats (to retrieve files or pick up debris), climbs stairs, walks on uneven ground, lifts items less than 15 pounds, and reaches at, below, or above shoulder level.Frequent driving in a vehicle due to traveling to each property, is required.Occasionally may lift items 16-50 pounds, push items 20 pounds, climb ladders, kneel, twist, or grasp/pull/carry/push equipment such as janitorial carts, vacuums, brooms, or mops. Must occasionally withstand heights up to the number of stories in the building.The employee is required to work in outdoor weather conditions.Ability to read fine print on documents. Able to speak clearly and make oneself-understood, while also understanding others using the English language. Must pass the California driver's license vision test.The noise level in the office work environment is usually moderate. However, the noise levels at jobsites can be high. Must be able to receive verbal information/instructions over the phone and in person. Must be able to distinguish the sounds made by emergency equipment from other environmental sounds.PM20PI182377329

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